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Tai Chi & Wellness

Healing Movement for Every Body

Classes ONLINE via ZOOM! Join from Anywhere! 
See below for our PAID and FREE classes live-streaming on ZOOM!
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Start feeling better NOW with MoonWillow...

At MoonWillow Tai Chi, we answer to a deep inner calling to help others find peace and wellness where they stand, no matter the challenges life may bring. If we are going to heal ourselves and this world, we must learn to cultivate inner peace and wellness in the NOW, and the practice of Tai Chi is superb for this purpose. For a little context, check out Allison's article, "How Tai Chi Saved My Life" under Resources tab, then select Blog. We invite you to peruse our information below to discover how our programs can help enhance your life. Follow Your Heart & Live Well!

Become a MoonWillow Member

We offer 4 membership levels to suit your budget and lifestyle, with the added BONUS of our 2 FREE Fri & Sat classes,
& RECORDINGS of classes whether you attend or miss! Also earn REWARD POINTS for every purchase! Click below for more information. Use Discount Code NEW25 for 25% off your first month membership!

MoonWillow Tai Chi Classes

We offer classes in Yang Style Tai Chi - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - as well as Chair Tai Chi, & the invigorating Tai Chi Ball Qigong Workout! Click below for our current schedule. Classes may be purchased one at a time, or booked with a membership or class pack! Use Discount Code NEW25 to save 25% off your first Class Pack or single class!


Teacher Training Program

Want to make it your mission to help others, too? MoonWillow's Teacher Training & Certification Programs will give you the foundation you need! Get certified in Chair Tai Chi, Yang 12 Short Form (Level 1), and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Section Long Form (Levels 2-4). Contact us if you'd like to be part of the next group training. Stay tuned for big discounts, too!

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi (pronounced "tie-CHEE") is an ancient, slow-moving exercise that originated in China around 1600 AD. It is a blend of  martial art movements and qigong breathing techniques to balance body, mind, and spirit. It works with one's vital life force known as chi - a living energy field that permeates and animates the body. Depletions and blocks in this field occur regularly from stress, poor diet/environment, and negative thought patterns. Tai Chi regenerates and balances this field, thereby cultivating a more harmonious being - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Tai Chi is well known for its therapeutic benefits and is on the Mayo Clinic's Top Ten Complementary Therapies list. Harvard Health Publications calls Tai Chi "Medication in motion" due to its many health benefits.

NEW to Our Classes?

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When do we offer Classes?

Find out more info below:


"Dear Allison and Allyn: Thank you and MoonWillow for helping me recover from two cardiac surgeries in a short amount of time. The Tai Chi practice has helped me gain strength and flexibility while I also work on regaining balance and stamina. It has meant so much during this pandemic to view you daily and participate on Zoom...I cannot tell you how much you have meant to me these past months. I have come so far and you have helped me so very much. I hope to be with MoonWilow for quite some time!"

Gloria Froman

Learn Better Flow with our Special Offerings!

Expand your Healing Journey

MoonWillow Workshops 


Whether it's deepening your knowledge and perfecting your Tai Chi form, or learning more about the Human Energy Field, or effective ways to manage stress in your life, MoonWillow workshops will provide just what you need! Click below to check out our current schedule and offerings

Teacher Training & Certification 


Become a MoonWillow Certified Tai Chi Instructor! We train with heart, and with the core principles of this art to better your life and the lives of others. Click below for more information on our certification programs in Chair Tai Chi, Yang 12, and Yang 108 Forms


Your Healing Journey Begins Here!

Follow your heart and live well!

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