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Yang 12 & 108 Lessons

We always start with Grounding and Presence. Getting you out of your head, and into your body, connecting you with your innate healing potential. We proceed with relaxing and invigorating qigong warm-up exercises then detailed work on the Yang forms. You will LOVE how you feel at the end of each class!

Tai Chi Ball Qigong Workout!

This invigorating, full-body workout gives more cardio than our other Tai Chi classes! Originally developed for weapons training, Tai Chi Ball Qigong helps strengthen your joints and spine, tones muscles, improves flexibility, and helps you lose weight! We offer 4 Tai Chi Ball Workout classes per week - try it and you'll be hooked!

Chair Tai Chi

A fun, full-body workout from a chair - the Tai Chi way! Join Allison for this relaxing, stimulating workout that works you head to toe (and eyes, too!). Great for pain reduction, flexibility, improved circulation, immunity, cardiovascular, and respiratory health. Breathe better, sleep better, and just plain FEEL BETTER - try it and see for yourself!


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Featured Online Workshops

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Yang 108 Long Form

Masters Workshop Series

w/Allison Deputy on Zoom

Next Series Summer 2024!

 - Come to One or All Three -

*Price Includes Recordings of Sessions*

1st Section - June 22, 2024

2nd Section - July 27, 2024

3rd Section - August 24, 2024

What Is Chi?

The Human Energy Field


Via Zoom with Allison Deputy

**Date & Time TBA**

Good Mental Kungfu:

How to Keep Your Calm in the Chaos

w/Allison Deputy of MoonWillow

Virtual Program via Zoom

**Date & Time TBA**


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It is MoonWillow's mission to deliver the healing art of Tai Chi to all who need it regardless of ability to pay. If you are an unpaid student currently enjoying our free online classes, please consider making a contribution that fits your budget. Contributions of any amount may be sent via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo using our email address ( or by the standard contribution button below. Please note that MoonWillow Tai Chi is not a 501c3 Not for Profit entity, so your contribution will not be tax deductible. Your support is greatly helpful and appreciated! Follow Your Heart & Live Well!

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