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MoonWillow Tai Chi Workshops 


to Enhance Your Practice & Your Life

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What is Chi?

The Human Energy Field


Via Zoom with Allison Deputy

What is Chi? This mysterious energy force that we all talk about in Tai Chi? Is it real, or just a lot of New Age woo-woo? Join Allison on Zoom  as she explains the history, energetic anatomy, and functions of the Human Energy Field (HEF), and how our thoughts, feelings, and interactions with each other and life affect this amazingly sensitive and powerful apparatus. Better understand your connection to all of life here and in the cosmos.

A fascinating exploration that will shift your perception of reality

and your place in it!

**Go to Store page to Register**


Yang 108 Long Form

Masters Workshop Series

w/Allison Deputy on Zoom

*Price Includes Recordings of Sessions*

Part 1- 1st Section:


Part 2 - 2nd Section:


Part 3 - 3rd Section:


Register at Online Classes & Training page on our Web Store

Join us and receive detailed breakdown and practice of all those uncertain areas of the Yang 108 Long Form. If you feel like you've been "faking it" a lot in classes, this workshop is for you! All Levels Welcome!

Price includes Recordings of each Session

Register at our Online Classes & Training Page!


Please Join Us for this potentially

Life-Changing Workshop...

Good Mental Kungfu:

How to Keep Your Calm in the Chaos

w/Allison Deputy of MoonWillow

Virtual Program via Zoom

**Date & Time TBA**


Learn critical techniques to help you weather

the storms of these unprecedented days.

Each participant will receive:

+ Reference Notes

+ Access to Recording of Entire Workshop

+ A powerful, simple meditation technique to

release negative energy and infuse positive, healing


+ Insight into how our thoughts and emotions influence

our reality on all levels

+ Key Tips to help you move through anxiety/depression moments

Register on our Online Classes & Training page



Tai Chi Basics Online Workshop

with Allison Deputy

Date TBA Soon!

$30 (Zoom Link sent upon purchase)

Ideal for beginners and advanced students alike! Delve more deeply into the principles at the foundation of Tai Chi practice. Learn more about dantien breathing, cultivating stillness in wuji stance, kua training, Tai Chi "walking," and the intricacies of the Yang 12 form movements, including proper structure and alignment, and learning how to move from the dantien. Key to achieving balance, connectedness, and grace in the form. And having fun while doing it!

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Enhanced members that have kept their memberships current can still get their 20% off discount ($24). You must pay direct via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo, or mail a check to MoonWillow, P.O. Box 1943, Crystal Lake, IL 60039-1943. Thank you for your support!

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