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Allison Deputy has been a Tai Chi practitioner for over 30 years, and is a Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor through the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association. She is the founder of MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness, which she operates with her son, Allyn Barnett. Since the pandemic, MoonWillow’s classes are mostly available on Zoom, but some in-person classes are held in Algonquin, Crystal Lake, and Woodstock IL. Allison teaches traditional Yang Style 12 and 108 Forms, as well as Chair Tai Chi and Tai Chi Ball Qigong. She also offers teacher training and certification in Yang Tai Chi (Levels 1-4) and Chair Tai Chi. MoonWillow keeps an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Her online classes are available through MoonWillow’s Wellness Living portal, where OnDemand recordings of classes are available to subscribers.

Allison’s Tai Chi journey began in 1991 when she was suffering from anxiety and chronic digestive disorders. Tai Chi gave her the tools to heal from her conditions naturally (see Allison's article on our Blog, "How Tai Chi Saved My Life"). Now she enjoys teaching others the healing benefits of this beautiful, relaxing exercise and seeing the tangible results in her students. Allison keeps a sticky note on her wall that says, “What do people need now and how may I serve it?” She is passionate in helping others find healing in all aspects of their lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – and she feels that the practice of Tai Chi contains all the ingredients for a well-balanced life. When she’s not teaching, Allison enjoys reading, writing (she has a BA in English & Creative Writing, and has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction), hiking, container gardening, movies, and quality time with her son and two rescue cats, Kevin and Simba - who like to bomb her Zoom sessions. No one seems to mind :)

“My goal for every person in every class is that they feel better at the end than they did when they began. I believe the best exercise is one that we truly enjoy, so that we keep with it and our minds and bodies reap the positive results for the long term.

Our bodies are made to MOVE, and most health conditions arise from stagnant energy or a depletion of energy. Tai Chi – in its own gentle way – restores the energy balance in the body, which also settles the mind, promoting well-being on all levels. This is why the practice has been medically proven to help chronic pain, digestive and sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, and so much more. It’s an honor and a privilege to share this healing art with others, and witness the miraculous results.”

- Allison Deputy, MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness

Allyn Barnett has grown up in the art of Tai Chi, as he is Allison's son. He first began training at the age of 9, and has since become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor through MoonWillow, both in the Yang 12 and 108 Forms, as well as Chair Tai Chi. He is currently teaching in-person Tai Chi classes at Senior Services in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, and also teaches Beginner, Intermediate, and All Level Tai Chi on our Zoom schedule. Allyn now helps Allison manage the MoonWillow business in promotion and video editing and uploading to our OnDemand Library as well as to YouTube. Allyn is also a professional portrait artist (human and animal subjects) and graphic designer. You can see his work on Instagram @allynartist. Allyn enjoys reading, meditating, and is passionate about protecting our planet and helping others find peace within.

Jarett Sanchez is our guest instructor from Fox Valley Tai Chi who presents workshops on Standing Meditation, Silk Reeling, and Practical Self Defense. He is a practitioner of various martial arts including Southern Mantis, Choy Lay Fut (pronounced choy l'foot) and Shaolin Chuan Fa. He has studied Chen Taiji for over a decade with various teachers, and he includes the Chen 19 form in his daily practice. The Chen 19 combines soft, flowing movements and sudden bursts of energy with an emphasis on dantien movement. Jarett is skilled in communicating key Taiji principles that pertain to all styles. He is also a duly elected member of the Kane County Board. When he's not teaching or managing County Board business, Jarett enjoys reading, drumming, hiking and kayaking with his teenage sons.


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