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"The difference is...I do this with JOY"

Allison Deputy, Certified Tai Chi Master Instuctor, ATCQA

Why us?

The two words that set us apart are QUALITY and FUN! All MoonWillow instructors are thoroughly trained in Yang Style Short (12-Movement) and Long (108-Movement) Forms, and some in Chair Tai Chi. Most have a minimum of 7 years experience. Check out our Instructors page for more information on us and our Teacher Training Program page for how to become a MoonWillow Certified Tai Chi Instructor yourself!

"My goal for every person in every class is that they feel better when they walk out than when they walked in. I believe the best exercise is the one that we truly enjoy, so that we keep with it and our minds and bodies reap the positive results for the long term."

- Allison Deputy

Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor, ATCQA; Owner/Senior Tai Chi Instructor, MoonWillow Tai Chi​


At MoonWillow Tai Chi, we are focused on providing high quality instruction in a fun, relaxing environment, whether we are teaching from our Zoom studio in Carpentersville, IL, or in person in the Chicagoland area.

Beginners are always welcome and each class is conducted to the needs and ability level of the participants. We also offer workshops that provide more in-depth training for every level.

The Tai Chi universe is vast and infinitely varied, even within the same style, and ours is primarily Yang, after Waysun Liao ( MoonWillow finds beauty in this variety. Our philosophy is to be open-minded and humble, and to understand there is always, always more to learn, no matter where you are in your development in this art. We believe it is healthy to try different styles and teachers, until you find what truly resonates and works for YOU. And we are always happy when students find a home here, where we offer as much variety and deeper learning as possible.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Always check back for new updates and additions. There’s much more to come!

* Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and resulting financial hardship on our partners at Young Masters Martial Arts, our location in the historic Woodstock Square unfortunately had to close. But MoonWillow is continuing on Zoom, and outdoor locations where possible. Email us for more information if you'd like to join us for live, socially distanced classes currently running at Emricson Park in Woodstock, IL. And of course consider joining us for our online classes on Zoom! More info at Online Classes & Training.


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